CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is that component of a PC or a hosting server which carries out each of the calculations. Every CPU operates at a certain speed and the bigger it is, the quicker everything will be processed, so in case you host resource-demanding web apps on a hosting server, for instance, a powerful processor will allow them to be carried out faster, which will significantly contribute to the whole user experience. The modern generations of CPUs have two and more cores, each working at a specific speed to ensure a superior and quicker performance. This sort of architecture allows the processor to manage different processes all at once or a number of cores to address 1 process if it requires extra computing power in order to be carried out. Of course, other variables including the amount of RAM or the connection which a particular hosting server uses can also affect the overall performance of the web sites hosted on it.
CPU Share in VPS Servers
We offer a wide range of VPS server plans that are well suited for different purposes. If you need a server to get root access, but you don't need lots of processing power, for instance, you can get a lower-end package that includes less system resources. The VPS will be created on a physical hosting server and our system shall set aside a certain CPU share to it. If you want extra resources in the future, you'll be able to upgrade to a more powerful plan via the billing CP, and because every plan offers a particular CPU quota your applications can utilize, the additional quota will be included to your existing account. The physical servers where the virtual ones are set up are designed with 16-core, 3.0+ GHz processors and only a few VPS accounts are created on a specific server, so you shall be able to use a virtual server that is as powerful as you want it to be.
CPU Share in Dedicated Servers
Our dedicated server packages come with various hardware configurations, therefore, based upon what you need the web server for and on your budget, you can select the right one for you. Apart from the various RAM and disk space allocations, every package comes with different CPU shares too. The CPUs we offer have 2-12 cores, so you could pick the plan that'll suit your requirements best. With the most powerful plan, each and every app which you run on the server will run exceptionally quick no matter what resources it needs and no matter how many people are using it simultaneously, but even the lower-end packages are suitable for most sorts of sites. The overall performance of the CPUs is evaluated together with all the other hardware parts, as a way to ensure that the hosting server that we'll hand over to you shall work faultlessly and at 100% capacity at all times.